Electric Fuel Pump CL109

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  • brand: CLAW
  • code number: CL109
  • number in box: 50 pcs
  • Car Brand: Iran Khodro
  • Car model: Peugeot 206 type 2, Peugeot 206 type 5, Peugeot 207i
Seller: مدیر فروشگاه
مدیر فروشگاه
(Register: 1401-05-09)
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This electric fuel pump core delivers a continuous flow of fuel at a pressure of approximately 2.5 bar to the fuel rail. This pump, which receives its command from the electronic control unit (ECU), is installed in the fuel supply path. The fuel sent by these pumps is always more than the engine needs and the engine will not face a shortage of fuel under any circumstances and the extra fuel will be returned to the tank through the fuel pressure regulator. By opening the switch and turning on the motor, the electric pump starts working and continues to work as long as the motor is turned on. To prevent accidents (such as when the car crashes or overturns), a protection circuit is provided to prevent fuel from being sent to the engine when the engine is off and the switch is open.

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code number


number in box

50 pcs

Car Brand

Iran Khodro

Car model

Peugeot 206 type 2, Peugeot 206 type 5, Peugeot 207i


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